Receive a Kofi Cole sculpture and support the ACASA 2017 Triennial in Ghana!

We wanted to remind you of the wonderful opportunity to get one of Kofi Cole’s amazing miniature carvings by supporting the upcoming ACASA 2017 Triennial. Give now!

You likely know that the 2017 Triennial will be held in Ghana next August – the first held on the continent! We want it to be attended by all the scholars and artists who would benefit from it and whose participation will enrich the experience for everybody, and so have been busy trying to raise funds to help. We need support from everyone who belongs to ACASA and everyone who cares about African art and expressive culture to do so.

To help encourage ACASA members to contribute to the Triennial Fund, Dr. Herbert (Skip) Cole made a remarkable and generous offer. In addition to his long career as an Africanist art historian (recognized with ACASA’s 2001 Leadership Award), Skip is a wood carver, making miniature versions of classic African sculptures and masks under the name Kofi Cole (see examples below). Skip has offered to give a Kofi Cole carving to each ACASA individual member who wants one and who makes new gifts to support the Triennial totaling $500 or more during the period 15 October 2016 through 1 March 2017. See offer details below.

Donate now by simply clicking this link:

And if your gift(s) between 15 October and 1 March total $500 or more, you can own and enjoy your very own Kofi Cole!

Please help mark this exciting moment in ACASA’s history by supporting ACASA’s 17th Triennial Symposium on African Arts with a gift to the Triennial Fund and/or the Travel Fund (

Thank you for your generous support of ACASA and the Triennial. We hope to see you all in Ghana next August,

Triennial Fundraising Committee
Susan Vogel (chair), Cynthia Becker, Silvia Forni, Shannen Hill, Cory Kratz, and Smooth Ugochukwu Nzewi

Kofi Cole offer details:

a) This is a first come, first served offer. Skip will make available 30 Kofi Cole sculptures; they will be given to the first ACASA individual members to reach the donation level of $500. or more until the supply is gone. Sculptures will be sent from existing supply; Kofi Cole is not able to respond to specific requests. ACASA members who donate $1000. or more may receive two sculptures as supplies last.

b) Contributions to ACASA can be spread out over time, but all qualifying gifts must be made within the period 15 October 2016 through 1 March 2017.

c) When your donations to ACASA during the offer period reach $500., we will contact you to ask if you would like to receive a Kofi Cole carving. (The allowable tax deduction for your gift to ACASA would be reduced by $50.)

P.S. Can’t manage a Kofi-level donation? We welcome your support at any level, for any of the four ACASA funds: a) the Triennial fund, b) the Endowment fund, c) the Travel Fund, or d) the Roy Sieber Dissertation Award fund.

You can learn more about all the ACASA funds here:

Every cedi, rand, shilling, dollar, euro and franc helps!

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